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Stock Market Expectation Next Week (26 Feb- 1 March 2024)

Stock Market Expectation Next Week (26 Feb- 1 March 2024)

Indian financial exchanges shut higher for the second consecutive week finishing on February 23rd. Sensex and Clever acquired 0.99% and 0.78% individually during the week. The market feelings were cheery because of good worldwide signs, a decrease in unrefined petroleum costs, and a development in assembling action in February according to streak PMI information. Notwithstanding, the potential gain stayed covered because of relentless selling tension from FIIs and benefit taking at a more elevated level.

In the forthcoming week, the homegrown and worldwide macroeconomic information will stay in the concentration. In particular, the spotlight will be on the arrival of Assembling PMI information across significant economies planned for Spring first. Furthermore, financial backers will watch out for key figures like India’s Gross domestic product, as well as the Gross domestic product development and PCE cost file information in the, all of us planned for discharge in the impending week.

The FIIs and DII venture action, Unrefined petroleum costs, and rupee development against the dollar will be firmly observed during the week.

Stock Market Prediction for Expiry Week

Indian business sectors will stay unstable because of the expiry of February month’s F&O contracts. During the week Clever record acquired strength by hitting an unsurpassed undeniable level. Clever penetrated the past pinnacle level and moved over the 22000 zone unequivocally has generally reinforced the predisposition to expect further ascent, with an objective of 22400 and 22800 levels before very long.
The Clever file has close term support kept up with at 22000 zone. The help for the week is seen at 21800 levels and the obstruction would be 22600 levels.

Bank Nifty was very failing to meet expectations when contrasted with the Clever file and would require a conclusive break over the 47400 zone to lay out a conviction for a further vertical move for the following objective of 48650 and 49750 levels before long. The Bank Nifty could exchange a scope of 45500 and 48200 levels during the week.

Domestic Economic Data

On Friday, the Hold Bank of India (RBI) showed that the country’s unfamiliar trade save declined $5,24 bn to a two-month low at $616.10 bn, the information came after the end ringer.

In the impending week, homegrown business sectors will zero in on Q3 Gross domestic product development and second gauge of monetary development for FY2023-24. As per financial specialists and market specialists, the country’s Gross domestic product development could dial back in the second from last quarter. This could be because of outer area issues, quelled horticulture and assembling movement. Experts of the Bank of Baroda projected December 2023 end Gross domestic product development at 6.4% and 6.8% for the entire year.

Indian economy developed at a quicker pace of 7.6% in the second quarter of the monetary. In the mean time, the Hold Bank of India (RBI) has fixed Gross domestic product development at 7% in the current monetary with second from last quarter development at 6.5% and final quarter at 6%. Indian business sectors will respond emphatically in the event that the Gross domestic product development rate comes above assumptions.

The HSBC India streak producing PMI information came marginally higher in February when contrasted with January. The business sectors will have the last PMI information next Friday. In the event that the information comes in accordance with the blaze information or above assumptions, markets will respond emphatically. The GST assortment information is likewise anticipated one week from now.

Global Stock Market Prediction Next Week

The worldwide financial exchange files shut higher for the week finishing on February 23. The US, Europe, and significant Asian business sectors shut the week optimistically because of the good faith of strong quarterly profit. The worldwide market feelings were energetic because of solid income and direction from Nvidia that stirred up a worldwide convention and interest for IT stocks.

The strong corporate profit, ease in unrefined costs, solid monetary information, and China’s surprisingly great cut in credit prime rate for a considerable length of time to help the nation’s sickly economy elevated the worldwide market opinion last week.

In the forthcoming week, the macroeconomic information will stay centered alongside quarterly profit. Brokers will have a nearby eye on the US Gross domestic product development rate on Wednesday and the Federal Reserve’s favored measure of expansion Center Value Utilization Consumption (PCE) cost record information on Thursday followed by ISM fabricating movement information on Friday in the following week.

Other than financial information spotlight will stay on quarterly income including Domino’s, Solidarity Programming, Zoom, Baidu, Salesforce, Best Purchase, and others.

In Europe, monetary feelings, fabricating movement, and expansion information will drive markets in the locale. In Asia, expansion, retail deals, and joblessness information from Japan, producing action information from Japan and China prone to impact the worldwide business sectors one week from now.

Crude Oil Prices

Raw petroleum costs shut lower on Friday, snapping a fourteen day series of wins in the midst of new worries for higher US loan fees for the more drawn out period. Moreover, frail financial information delivered in Japan and the UK in the earlier week showed the two nations entering downturn in the final quarter likewise hit the unrefined petroleum interest.

In the week, US-based WTI rough was down 3.40% while the London-based Brent Unrefined fell 2.2%. The disadvantage was covered in rough costs because of a new heightening in Center East strain, which raised worries about supply disturbance. Specialists feel that rough costs will remain range-bound in the impending week, yet merchants ought to watch out for unrefined costs.

FII & DIIs flow

Unfamiliar Institutional Financial backers (FIIs/FPIs) were the net venders somewhat recently, they offloaded shares worth Rs 1939.4 crore in the Indian value cash section. In the interim, Homegrown Institutional Financial backers (DIIs) were the net purchasers and gained shares worth Rs 3532.82 crore more than FIIs sold during the week. FIIs were the net dealers in three out of five exchanging meetings last week, while DIIs purchased shares in four.

The FII/FPIs were the net venders in value cash sections because of the worry of high valuation in Indian value markets and rising US Depository yields. However, last week the US Depository yields marginally facilitated, the 10-year Depository yield is still above 4%. Dealers ought to watch out for the movement of FIIs and DIIs in the approaching week, as FIIs purchasing could additionally help the homegrown market feelings.


To sum up the financial exchange expectation for the following week, the Indian securities exchanges shut on areas of strength for a last week, and worldwide market feelings are likewise good. In the impending week, homegrown business sectors will stay unstable, with the emphasis principally on February month F&O expiry and worldwide signals. Expecting a positive direction for the Indian business sectors with high unpredictability.

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