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Irreplaceable asset wins the Preakness in a Triple Crown blurred by horse passing

Irreplaceable asset wins the Preakness in a Triple Crown blurred by horse passing

National Treasure wins the Preakness
National Treasure wins the Preakness

A pony named Irreplaceable Asset won the Preakness Stakes on Saturday, the second leg of the Triple Crown. The success gave coach Bounce Baffert an unprecedented triumph, hours after he needed to put down a harmed pony, and happening upon his re-visitation of the race in the wake of being prohibited a year ago.

Irreplaceable Asset entered Saturday’s race at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore as the second wagering decision behind Mage, who pulled off a longshot triumph at the Kentucky Derby recently. However, eventually, Blasting Sevens came in just barely and Mage took third.

It’s rider John Velazquez’s most memorable Preakness win, and a record eighth Preakness win for Baffert.

“This pony merited it. We as a whole suspected it was a decent pony,” Baffert told NBC Sports after the success.

A line of ongoing pony passings has eclipsed the current year’s Triple Crown races.

In the eight days prompting the Kentucky Derby recently, seven ponies kicked the bucket at Churchill Downs.

Hours before Saturday’s headliner in Baltimore, Havnameltdown, a pony prepared by Sway Baffert, was euthanized after the 3-year-old foal harmed its lower leg during a previous race.

“Havnameltdown turned sour at the highest point of the stretch, you saw it around the turn and he supported a truly serious injury of his left front lower leg,” Dr. Scott Roughage, the available-to-work veterinarian for the American Relationship of Equine Specialists, told TVG. “It was so much that it was essentially difficult to move him and they needed to euthanize him empathetically on the grounds right away.”

His rider Luis Sáez was flung off the pony. The rider was griped of leg torment after the fall and was taken to a close by the medical clinic, as per the NBC Sports broadcast.

“We are recently crushed,” Baffert tweeted. “This is a shock to everybody at our outbuilding who love and care for these ponies consistently. Hanvameltdown was hit quite hard emerging from the entryway. We couldn’t say whether that added to the injury, yet we will be completely straightforward with those auditing this horrendous mishap. This moment, our considerations are with Luis Saez and we are confident he will be OK.”

It’s Baffert’s most memorable time in a Triple Crown race beginning around 2021 because of the coach’s suspensions coming from precluded Kentucky Derby victor Medina Soul’s bombed drug test.

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