Cricket is a popular sport played around the world, especially in countries such as England, India

The objective of the game is to score as many runs as possible while bowling and fielding to prevent the opposing team from scoring runs. A run is scored whe

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If the ball goes over the boundary without bouncing, the batsman scores six runs, and if it bounces before going over the boundary, the batsman scores four runs.

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The team that scores the most runs wins the game. A cricket match can last for several hours or even several days, depending on the format of the game.

The most popular formats of the game are Test cricket, One Day International (ODI) cricket, and Twenty20 (T20) cricket.

Cricket is a highly strategic and technical game, and it requires skill in both batting and bowling to be successful.

It is also known for its rich history and tradition, and many fans around the world are passionate about the sport.